property inspector bible

What Every Property Inspector Should Know

If you’re looking for a Property Inspector’s Bible, you’re probably not going to find one. Finding a good guide on what to know when starting a property inspection business or when beginning a career as a property inspector is much easier, however. Like any profession, in the property inspection industry it takes time to become great at what you do and the goal is to continuously develop your skills and to adhere to certain key concepts. In doing so, you will eventually grow into a sought-after property inspector in your area. The following are some basics that you should stick to…

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property inspector

How To Be The Go-to Property Inspector

Buying a home is usually the single biggest investment that people make in their lives, which is why it is only natural that they want to select only the best and most trustworthy property inspection services company in the industry. How do you prove that you, as a property inspector, can be trusted with the important task of inspecting your customers’ home? Well, if you can prove the following to them, you will go a long way in winning their trust and the probability of winning their business…

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tips on inspection process

Digital Property Inspection Tips for Tenant Occupied Units

When it comes to inspecting property that is currently occupied, it can be an uncomfortable ordeal for both the tenant and owner or property manager. Ensuring that the property is properly maintained is an essential part of the business, so having annual inspections is a crucial element especially when you use a property inspection app to help document the event.

It is understandable that tenants may feel somewhat averse to having annual inspections of where they live. However, it does benefit everyone in the long run. This is because such inspections can spot issues before they become big problems and can be repaired for less money. Items such as smoke detectors that may be faulty can be addressed quickly and other elements can be looked over to see if improvements can be made.

What follows are five tips that can help you and your tenants get through the inspection process. The better you can make it for them, the better it will be for you.

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why landlords rely

Why Landlords Rely on Property Management Companies

As one of the most important parts of the world today, landlords are a hugely important person to many of us. They help keep a roof over of our heads and ensure that when problems come up they are dealt with quickly and easily. However, the massive amount of time and resources used by landlords on a regular basis can lend them to being rather short with both time and patience.

With this in mind, it’s not too surprising to see that many landlords are now turning to property management firms who can help them you with various such as regular inspections and even an inspection app for optimal performance.

There are many factors behind this shift, of course, and some of the most prominent include;

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